My Favorite Things--Keep Your Demons on a Leash!

Don’t ever tame your demons, but always keep them on a leash. ~Hozier 

A leash is a leash, is a leash, but I swear to you, this is no ordinary leash. A good many years ago when I first started showing dogs, one of my favorite shows was the Southern Maine Costal Classic in Scarborough, Maine. It was at this show I met Jean Montesano, owner of Doggie Safe n’ Dry. Under her tent I first discovered the Bay Line Leash.   

The product description indicates “The name comes from “Casco Bay Lines Ferry Line”. The lobsterman who makes these was once the ferry boat captain and resides on one of the islands in the bay. 

Designed by a fifth generation lobsterman, our Bay Line leashes have the right feel for your hand. Superior quality, New England made rope is rugged, colorful and performs well in all conditions.  A core of millions of strong fibers and an outer sheath of shocking color make this a strong lead.”   

The leashes come in multiple thicknesses including the 5/16” variety I have fallen in love with. The handle is sturdy and soft and doesn’t dig into your hand should an over exuberant Saint Bernard eye a squirrel and decide to give you a tug. I believe I purchased my first one 9 years ago and have added another one (or two—don’t tell my husband, it’ll be our little secret) every year since. These things are AMAZING. Bright and colorful with a slip lead collar, my 9 year old leash is in as great a shape as the one I bought last year. I hang one or two of these things on a hook by every door so I’ve always got one handy right when I need it. The knots at either end on my 9 year old leash are as tightly tied as the day I bought them. If you are someone who wants to buy the right product the first time and never worry about it again, this is seriously the leash for you!  Like potato chips, however, I doubt once you try it, you’ll be able to have just one!  You can find them online at  Custom sizes are available and Jean is a delight to work with! 

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